Friday, July 22, 2011

Readers Fantasy Football Questions

JB and I have both recieved emails from readers with fantasy football questions. A good majority of them have asked us about drafting What is called 'handcuffed' guys. For example if you had drafted Vick and late in your draft you take Kevin Kolb. Or if you take Adrian Petterson in the first later taking Toby Gearhart. This is something that every Fantasy owner must answer yearly. Personally it is a case by case thing.
There are certainly instances where I would recommend drafting a back up of a player you took early. But things must line up right at the same time. If I take Maurice Jones-Drew again this season I would again pick up Rashard Jennings again but as a free agent. This is where doing research before a draft is important. If you were to take Jamaal Charles and were adamant about having Thomas Jones you would more than likely have to use one of your 6-8 picks for him. Personally I don't like to use valuable picks for someone who is only valuable if a injury occurs. Thomas Jones has value but only in a 2-3 RB setting.
I do however believe in handcuffing you opponents, example last season when Frank Gore was Injured I set my alarm clock for 5:45am so I was awake when the waiver wire opened at 5:59am to pick up Brian Westbrook. I never played him but it helped knock my biggest competition in that league from 2nd place to out of the playoffs.
We will touch much more on this subject in the coming weeks, I just wanted to make sure readers didn't think we were disregarding the emails.

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  1. should I start Cecil Shorts or Hakeem Nicks in the playoffs?

  2. This is JB, I would personally play Cecil Shorts, while we actually have Nicks ranked higher the shorts this weeks I Have Cecil in my top 19 I think he is going to have a big game again Miami. Ryan disagrees with me based on the fact that he think Atlanta will double team Victor Cruz giving Nicks chances for big plays. But personally from the film I have watch Nicks hasn't shown the speed off the line since returning from injury!! Go with Shorts and good luck!!

  3. Keep in mind Ryan that this advice is based on Shorts playing, he is listed as questionable. He was cleared to practice today so he should play but keep an eye out prior to game time and make sure he is active!! If he his play him otherwise obviously you need to play Nicks. Shorts missed last week due to a concusion.