Saturday, July 16, 2011

How PPR leagues change rankings

When talking about a PPR league everything changes as far as rankings and draft strategy goes. If in a PPR league a top receiver could be a safe way to go with your first pick, depending on your QB point set up and if any of the RB's left are catching threats.
Think about it a wideout can go out catch 8 balls for 60 yards, and he got you 14 points with out a score. PPR scoring makes Wes Welker easily a top 7 receiver, and a guy like Dallas Clark look better than he already does. Some people say these leagues are for beginners but if you find it fun then do it, that is why we play!
A PPR league can transform a sad fantasy day into a pretty good day, but like I said, it changes all the rankings. We will now move into ranking WR TE and RB for all PPR leagues. You maybe asking why are we re ranking Runningbacks, well your still getting your points per possession so it changes the RB's as well. For me if your in a PPR league Adrian Peterson falls bellow Maurice Jones-Drew and maybe abit further.
So check back and we will get all this out in the next few days!! Also if anyone has any fantasy questions please email us at the link on the page and we will answer on a column, and we will answer all questions!

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