Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Defense/Special Teams Combo Rankings

In some leagues that do defense and special teams combo scoring, you must have a the defense in order to get return points. This confuses allot of people if your in a league like this you don't want to draft a WR or RB because of there return threat because you will not get points for there returns. Basically if I was in a league like this and say I have Josh Cribs, well if cribs returns 3 punts for 185 yards and scored once, I won't get points for any of that, I will only get points for what Cribs did while on the offensive side of the ball. Then whoever, if anyone, in my league has the browns defense would get the points for his or anyone on Clevelands team. Seriously be sure you know your leagues scoring inside and out! So here are our top defensive and special team combo rankings.

1.) Packers
2.) Steelers
3.) Jets
4.) Bears
5.) Eagles
6.) Ravens
7.) Patriots
8.) Falcons
9.) Raiders
10.) Chiefs
11.) Chargers
12.) Saints
13.) Giants
14.) Cowboys
15.) Browns

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