Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fantasy Football Jump Start

Now that the NFL Lockout is behind us and camp's will be in full swing this weekend, it is time to start you fantasy football Draft Prep. This week we will be keeping up with all the moves and post on how it will effect fantasy stocks. The next 10-14 could decide the power of
The NFL aswell as who will be your top fantasy players. There are some guys who could really benefit from a change of scenery. For example if Randy Moss ends up with a top QB he could have a monster year. You got Reggie Bush to, Ochs ends up in the right spot he could also have a career year.
So onething is clear, the next few weeks will change the Position Rankings for sure. We will help keep it all in perspective and update rankings as needed! Then on or around August 16th we will release our ore draft rankings, so your ready for your draft.

Do you have fantasy football questions? If so email us at: jbcodora@gmail.com or mryans@yahoo.com we will answer all emails. Also if anyone is interested in joining leagues with us post or let us know. We are also working twards a site in which all our readers can join leagues, it is allot of work but we hope to have it up and running soon! But it isn't easy so if anyone can help email us, or donate at the google check out. Thanks all

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