Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasy Football PPR league Reciever Rankings

PPR league members really can benefit from having a prime receiver! Normal leagues I would argue against taking a wide out in the first round, but in a PPR league 6 grabs for 60 yards is 12 points were as a normally scored league 12 points is 60 yards with a TD. So a big named wide out who goes out gets you 9 catches for 95 yards and a score just bagged you 24 points. Here is our top 16 receivers for PPR leagues, only going to highlight guys who playing in a contract year. We will be releasing a more indepth round of list soon. Also be watching for our spread sheets for everyone to print and take to their respective drafts.

1.) Andrea Johnson, Houston
2.) Roddy White, ATL
3.) Hakeem Nicks, NYG, this guy is a beast but one thing to keep in mind Eli has had different 100 catch recur we each of the last 3 years.
4.) Calvin Johnson, Det
5.) Larry Fitzgerald,Ari, Contract year
6.) Reggie Wayne, Ind
7.) Greg Jennings, GB
8.) Wes Welker, NE, i think his value increases more than anyothet player in PPR rankings
9.) Dwayne Bowe, KC
10) DeSean Jackson, Phi
11) Brandon Marshall, Mia
12) Mike Wallace, Pitt
13) Vincent Jackson, SD, if before you draft they are saying he is happy with his situation and is going to play a hole season he is a top 5 guy!
14) Brandon Lloyd, Den
15) Steve Johnson, Buf
16) Sidney Rice, Min, I'm sure people will think we are crazy for having Rice here but he is in a contract year and he is coming into this season healthy again.

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