Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Runningback Rankings

1.) Adrian Peterson, no Brainer now that Favre isn't there these guys are going to have to run the ball, and run allot. Expecting numbers like 3 years ago.
2.) Chris Johnson, But.. There is allot of talk about him holding out for a new deal, if this is the case be cautious!, no one can afford to loose there first pick for any significant amount of time.
3.) Maurice Jones-Drew, MJD had 1641 yards from scrimmage in just 14 games, now he did have knee problems last year and played through it the entire year atleast until he missed the last two weeks.
4.) Arian Foster, last years top fantasy scorer but I worry that 1, ben Tate may steal some carries from him, and 2 with Owen wilson health and Andrea Johnson Im worried they may go on a pass happy track.
5.) Jamaal Charles, I took him early last year and it paid off, don't worry about Thomas jones like last year Charles will get his points you need from week to week.
6.) Ray Rice, Willis Mcgahee should be gone, I think he will get off to a more constant start this year.
7.) Rashard Mendenhall, 2nd most TDs last year, I expect a monster year from this guy! He will be a top 5 at the end of this year and a top pick next year! Mark those words!
8.) Frank Gore, allot of people are down on this guy, I think he will be ready to go and as sharpe as ever, remember he is in a new offense. Jim Harbaugh's offense could really help this guy explode, look what Toby Gerhart did in it!
9.) Darren McFadden, sure he has injury problems but this guy put up absolute monster numbers last year when healthy. I've heard allot of chatter that Michael Bush maybe gone once the lock out is over.
10.) LeSean McCoy, he doesn't put up monster rushing stats but his total yards from scrimmage make up for it!

Now if Chris Johnson holds out I wouldnt be in a hurry to draft him before the late 2nd or 3rd round. A few guys to watch for is Jahbid Best, the Lions will move the ball this year! He has had injury problems but if he can stay healthy look out! LeGarrette Blount, this guy didn't make his first start until week 7 and he put up over 1000 yards! Ryan grant!, this guy will have a chip on his shoulder expect big things!
Something to keep in mind if Carolina don't franchise DeAngelo Williams, I would rank Jonathon Stewart at number 8! Stewart will have a gigantic season with DeAngelo gone!
2 names I strongly suggest to stay away from, Michael Turner, Matt Forte, I won't and I suggest you don't touch these guys! Hype them up to friends and let them deal with the injuries and lake of scoring!

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