Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can Reggie Bush be a Fantast Impact

I'm going to keep this short, yes. Reggie Bush will be an impact fantasy player. Now that don't mean I believe he is a top 10 back right now, but he could end the season that way! The simple fact is that is New Orleans he did underachieve for sure, but to his defense New Orleans passes all day long. Now in Miami there are still questions to be answered, will they resign Rickey Williams, will Ronnie Brown be back, and will Kyle Orton end up in a Dolphins jersey.
No matter who ends up under center Bush is a huge winner by this signing. Expect him to have games with has many has 18-20 carries, he is so explosive don't be surprised with a couple big play's a game. Of course he will continue to catch balls in the flats were he maybe the most dangerous guy in the NFL.
So when our new Positional Rankings come out expect Bush to make a big jump. He should now be taken seriously as a fantasy football impact player.


  1. Reggie will definitely be a pick of mine in all of my drafts. Most mocks I do, I can get him around 80 up to 110. In my eyes that is a steal for him!

  2. I agree it is a steal, with Ronnie Brown gone to Philly he will be the featured back. Even with word of Tiki Barber getting a workout, I expect and have been told by a Miami Herald sports stirrer close to the Dolphins, that they plain on him getting 18 plus touches a game. That many touches he will break some big plays