Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Prep

Fantasy Football Drafts will start taking place with in the next few weeks. Everyone who is actively involved surely is prepping for the drafts, atleast if they want a successful season and draft. It almost feels like the World of Fantasy Football is on hold while the NFL sorts through all the Free Agents. Since nearly 25% of the league became free agents after the lock out it is impossible to rank players with out knowing what situation they are going to be in.
At this point most of the big moves are done, and we have a fairly good idea what is going to happen with the rest. So finally we can move foward with our positional rankings, player rankings, and our top 200 rankings. There will be some players that their stock improves from out preseason rankings like Darren Sproles who is now with the Saints. Though he isn't a top guy he is a good bye week option, or a 3rd option guy. Another guy is Plaxico, he is in a place where he could end up being there big play maker. And a guy who stock will be down abit is Peyton Manning. Questions with his neck, and there offensive line, but he is stil Peyton Manning I would be Leary about using a first or second round pick on him.
So stay tuned as we will begin rolling out our draft rankings.

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  1. How do you play college fantasy football? does it an all new way