Friday, August 12, 2011

Preseason Fantasy First Take

People always say you cannot look or take to much info from preseason games, but don't buy into that. Especially this season with a shortens off season due to the strike allot of valuable information can be taken from these initial games.
Last night we seem Tim Tebow look confident and comfortable, I believe with out a doubt he will be the opening game season. So that changes some fantasy outlook, Kyle Orton in the right situation will thrive, and Tebow will get you 20 TD's total. So if your in a league were quarterbacks only get 4 points for pass touchdowns and 6 for rushing Tebow could be a double digit consistent guy.
Vincent Jackson solidified himself as a top 10 guy, he is physically one of the biggest receivers out there and Philip Rivers is tossing him his balls. The patriots defense looks like a safe bet again, were as the Eagles look like there going to give up some big points again this season.
Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald looked to have good timing for there limited work together which is a good sign for there stocks. I also believe that everyone should stay clear of the Cowboys Defense.


  1. I think the Eagles' defense might be pretty good this year.

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  3. I always have a hard time believing preseason games but I guess for fantasy they may indicated how people will do. If anyone's interested, they can check out my sports blog