Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fantasy football Mock Draft

Last week Mike Ryans organized a mock fantasy football draft amongst guys that we have competed against in fantasy football for years. So here is the pick by pick results of the 12 team and 12 round teams. We did every two round elevator pics so if your picked 12th then you picked 1st the next round. And every third rounds order changed. We would also like to organize another mock draft for any readers to take part in anyone interested email us.

Round 1
1) Adrian Peterson, Min
2) Chris Johnson, Ten
3) Arian Foster, Hou
4) Andre Johnson, Hou
5) Jamaal Charles, KC
6) Ray Rice, Bal
7) Roddy White, ATL
8) LeSean McCoy, phi
9) Maurice Jones-Drew, Jac
10) Calvin Johnson, Det
11) Hakeem Nicks, NYG
12) Frank Gore
1) Darren McFaddeb, Oak
2) Michael Turner, ATL
3) Larry Fitgerald, ari
4) Matt Forte, Chi
5) Dwayne Bowe, KC
6) Greg Jennings, GB
7) Mark Ingram, NO
8) Reggie Wayne, IND
9) Rashard Mendenhall, Pit
10) Miles Austin, Dal
11) Steven Jackson, Stl
12) Mike Wallace, Pit
1) Aaron Rodgers, GB
2) Vincent Jackson, SD
3) Michael Vick, Phi
4) DeSean Jackson, Phi
5) Ryan Matthews, SD
6) Peyton Hillis, Cle
7) LeGarrette Blount, TB
8) Wes Welker, NO
9) Phillip Rivers, SD
10) Brandon Marshall, Mia
11) Mike Williams, TB
12) Drew Brees, NO
1) Antonio Gates, SD
2) Jermichael Finley, GB
3) Tom Brady, NE
4) Marques Colston, NO
5) DeAngelo Williams, Car
6) Peyton Manning, IND
7) Jeremy Maclin, Phi
8) Santonio Holmes, MYJ
9) Dez Bryant, Dal
10) Shonn Green NYJ
11) Brandon Lloyd
12) Tony Romo
1) Ahmad Bradshaw NYG
2) Steve Johnson Buf
3) Sidney Rice, Sea
4) Dallas Clark IND
5) Jay Feely
6) Austin Collie IND
7) Anquan Boldin Bal
8) Vernon Davis Sf
9) Percy Harvin Min
10) Knowshon Moreno Den
11) Jason Witten, Dal
12) Matt Ryan ATL
1. Felix Jones Dal
2. Marshawn Lynch sea
3. Pierre Garçon IND
4. Fred Jackson Buf
5. Mario Manningham NYG
6. Kenny Britt ten
7. Jimmy Graham NO
8. Johnny Knox Chi
9. Owen Daniels Hou
10. Reggie Bush Mia
11. Deion Branch NE
12. Cedric Benson Cin
Round 7
1. Daniel Thomas Mia
2. Ryan Grant GB
3. Jonathon Stewart Car
4. Matt Schaub Hou
5. Michael Crabtree sf
6. Chad Ochocinco NE
7. Ben Roethlisberger pit
8. Santana Moss was
9. Eli Manning NYG
10. BenJarvis Green-Ellis NE
11. AJ Green Cin
12. Josh Freeman TB
1. Jordy Nelson GB
2. Mike Thomas Jav
3. Sam Bradford Stl
4. James Starks GB
5. Danny Amendola Stl
6. Steve Smith Car
7. Lance Moore NO
8. Jacoby Ford oak
9. Zach Miller oak
10 Braylon Edwards
11. Davine Bess Mia
12. Julio Jones Atl
1. Ryan Torrian Was
2. Jay Cutler chi
3. Joe Flacco Bal
4. Mike Sim-walker Jac
5. CJ Spiller buf
6. Robert Meachem NO
7. Ron Grnakowski NE
8. Mikel LeShoure Det
9. Tim Tebow Den
10. Michael Bush Oak
11. Brandon Jacobs NYG
12. Roy Helu was
Round 10
1. Aaron Hernandez NE
2. Hines Ward Pitt
3. Kevin Kolb Ari
4. Mike Tolbert SD
5. Matt Cassel KC
6. Chris beanie wells ari
7. Ryan Williams ari
8. Jerome Simpson Cin
9. Kellen Winslow tb
10. Chris Cooley was
11. Kyle Orton Den
12. Emmanuel Sanders pit
Round 11
1. Ryan Fitzpatrick bid
2. Donavon McNabb min
3. Willis McGahee den
4. Mike Williams sea
5. Steve smith NYG
6. Marcedes Lewis Jac
7. Darren sproiles NO
8. Mark sanchez NYJ
9. Brandon Pettigrew Det
10 Dustin Keller NYJ
11. Randy moss ten (retired)
12. Danny Woodhead
Round 12
1. LaDanian TOmlinson NYJ
2. Rashard Jennings Jac
3. Plaxico Burress JYJ
4. Pierre Thomas no
5. Nate burleson Det
6. Demarco Murray Dal
7. Kendal hunter sf
8. Jared cook ten
9. Tony gonzalez ark
10 James jones GB
11. Josh Cribs Cle
12. Earl Bennett chi
There were a few suprises through the mock draft just as there is in normal drafts. People alot of the times feel as if they most follow rankings to a T but that is alwaycorrect. If you have a feeling that some body is going to have a monster year don't be affraid to take them over higher ranked ayers! Also another piece of advice, when TE and QB start coming off the board don't panic, and certainly don't change your draft plan. In the 4th round of our mock draft two TE came off in the first 2 picks, when this happens most people panic and take a TE unless 3-4 come off in a row stick too your guns. As the other team owners take a TE someone will fall too you.
Anyone interested in participating in a mock 'practice' draft, and or be in a readers fantasy football league with us email us at jbcodora@gmail.com or mryans@yahoo.com. You can also email us draft questions as well. If we can get some leagues going we will participate in every league and the winners of the leagues will win $300 StubHub gift cards in every league.

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